Looking for comprehensive and current info on your organization’s competitive environment, potential new markets or industry trends? Infotrova has got you covered.

Finding information quickly and easily

Each day, information is generated by organizations and individuals at an exponential rate. Even though this information may be available online, it isn’t necessarily easily found (or it is behind a paywall). If you require the most recent information, research and data to support new program or product development, you need people who are passionate and skilled in accessing critical and detailed information …

Customized online and print research

Infotrova Research Services Canada provides professional, confidential online research and consulting services to organizations in the public and private sectors. From start-ups to publicly traded companies, Infotrova gives you the best information available to make smart, just-in-time management decisions. By specializing in compiling customized research reports, targeted prospect lists, and industry /market trends, Infotrova provides great extra value in your daily information searches.

Commitment to integrity, quality and customer service

Infotrova is a member of AIIP (Association of Independent Information Professionals) and adheres to the AIIP Code of Ethics (https://www.aiip.org/about/professional-standards).

Information for innovation

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