If you need access to comprehensive, current, easy-to-read information on your organization’s competitive environment, potential markets or industry trends, Infotrova has the expertise you require.

Products and services include:

  1. Competitive Intelligence Reports
  2. Current Awareness Reports
  3. Demographic Analysis
  4. Document Delivery
  5. E-Learning Module Creation
  6. Environmental Scanning
  7. Executive Summaries
  8. Fact Checking
  9. Grant and Proposal Writing
  10. Industry Research
  11. Instructional Design
  12. Library Consulting – Administration, Policy Creation and Strategic Planning
  13. Literature Reviews
  14. Online Research
  15. Open Data Analysis (especially Statistics Canada CANSIM and other open government data)
  16. Manual Research
  17. Marketing Communications (Newsletters, Brochures, Blogs, Podcasts, Media Releases)
  18. Market Analysis
  19. Market Research
  20. Media Tracking
  21. Presentations / Powerpoint Decks
  22. Prospect Research and Lead Generation
  23. Seminars
  24. Training
  25. Writing and Editing


There are a number of options available. Of course, every option can be tailored to fit your requirements.After an initial discussion via email or phone, a free estimate will be created for your specialized information need. For an idea of deliverables, you can choose from the following, or negotiate a different contract entirely:

  • Option 1 – A basic dissemination of information located in .pdf format / quick and dirty list of websites
  • Option 2 – A one to four page executive summary, giving brief summaries and .pdf/list of websites as an appendix
  • Option 3 – A full report (length depending upon the information need) which provides analysis of the information with .pdf/list of websites as a separate document
  • Option 4 – Ongoing services on retainer

Information for innovation

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