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Say “research” and people think of white papers which are “nice-to-have” as opposed to data which is timely and mission critical to your organization. In fact, your staff are involved in research every day before making crucial decisions. But where are they getting this information from?

Quite often, the data on which staff base their decisions can be flawed, outdated, or too narrow in scope. The best decisions come from relevant, appropriate and assessed information – and that is where Infotrova comes in.

With access to a wide variety of electronic databases and expertise in mining hard-to-search internet resources, Infotrova finds you the best information available, and packages in an easy-to-reuse format to aid in your decision making.

Here are some examples of the past work Infotrova has been involved in:

  1. A multinational company looking for sales leads on a particular industry segment;
  2. A group of university researchers requiring a literature review in order to have the historical background to begin their grant-funded research;
  3. An editor needing to fact-check an article before publication (to double-check the writer’s  sources);
  4. An institute of higher education committee requiring an environmental scan of policies at other peer organizations before crafting a new policy in-house;
  5. An entrepreneur needing to know the market size and competitive share of the top 100 companies in a specific industry segment in Chile that they were considering;
  6. An organization facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit and needing media monitoring internationally of any press pertaining to the subject;
  7. A group of marketing communication professionals running focus groups to test various new creative variations of a new publication’s front cover;
  8. A start-up company needing a customized list of international social media for public relations purposes for their product launch;
  9. A retired journalist writing his memoirs and needing historical information to back-up his memories

This is what we mean by our tagline, Information for Innovation. Let Infotrova help you get the best information available for your company’s success!
Still need to convince your senior executives why Infotrova is crucial to your business strategy? See why others think information professionals provide added value:

Information for innovation

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